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1.0 - Qualifications
1.1 100 confirmed divisions for all European countries; a National HQ may use its discretion in exceptional circumstances.
1.2 In countries outside of Europe, national discretion shall apply.

2.0 - Band Plan
2.1 11 metres, all modes. Please note that the Sugar Delta Group advises every member to use RTX radio sets within the laws and regulations of their country.
2.2 The group will not be held responsible for members who fail to abide by their countries' laws and regulations.

3.0 - QSL Divisional Flag Cards
3.1 Divisional Flag Cards must only be printed by a Divisional HQ, the members' QSL manager or SD HQ.
3.2 Members are permitted to print personal non flag QSL cards providing that all logos follow SD Regulations and are approved by the Local HQ.
3.3 The "old style" logo MUST NOT be used, the SD Group WILL NOT be held responsible for the actions of its members using OLD Logo SD Materials.(Disiplanary action will be taken to those who do not comply to this rule)

4.0 - Call Signs & Officials
4.1 Members are permitted to hold membership in other radio groups. However, it is not permissible for any official of the Sugar Delta Group to be an official of any other group.
4.2 a call sign can not be re-issued to another member for at least 1 year, this includes a zero unit number and double zero unit numbers.

5.0 - QSL Bureau / QSL Managers
5.1 Only members living outside of Europe, or in a Most Wanted Country, may request the QSL Bureau /Managers to manage QSL mail.
5.2 The only exception to the rule is a situation where it would cause significant problems with local authorities for any member to QSL Direct.

6.0 - Officials
6.1 All officials must be democratically elected by the members. Appointments can be changed at any time where there is a majority vote by the members concerned of no confidence.
6.2 A Democratic Election must be organised to elect a countries' Coordinator and its HQ. This will be carried out in the form of a postal ballot and shall be organised in such a way so that the adjudicator is a respected member living outside of the division concerned.
6.3 If the Division fails to nominate any members for the election, the SD International HQ shall appoint a representative to administer and supervise the division concerned.
6.4 It is not permissible for any member with less than 2 years membership to nominate themselves for a position within a divisional HQ. Any exception to this rule MUST be approved by the SD HQ BEFORE any election is held.
6.5 In all cases, the SD International HQ would prefer that nominees put themselves forward and have an election.

7.0 - R.I.P / Silent Key Unit numbers
7.1 With one exception, under no circumstances will the re-issue of unit numbers of R.I.P / Silent Key Members be allowed. The one exception to this rule is where a spouse (Husband or Wife), or sibling (Sister, Brother, Son or Daughter) wishes to take the unit number in remembrance of the silent key.
7.2 Any application for re-issue a silent key unit number must be approved by SD International HQ.

8.0 - Divisional Matters
8.1 All members are requested to follow the procedure: Members to Directors, Directors to Coordinators, And
Coordinators to SD HQ. If any problem arises within a division with a HQ, the member must, in the first instance, first
contact his / her director to outline the nature of the problem, should the director be unable to solve the problem, he
should contact the Coordinator. If the problem cannot be solved at Coordinator level, the problem may be referred to
the SD International HQ / Super Committee.
8.2 The decision of the SD International HQ / Super Committee shall be final.

9.0 - Renewals & Membership For the year 2010
9.1 All members will pay for renewal there will no longer be any free membership
9.2 All Sugar Delta Members, whether they are Founder or Honorary Members, MUST pay the appropriate renewal fee unless the SD SC has exempt the payment in recognition of work done for / on behalf of the group.
9.3 Renewals without a HQ can be paid via their QSL Manager.
9.4 Renewals without a HQ and without QSLM should be sent to the International Treasurer Pierrot 14SD007 via this pay pal e-mail address: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.. or via the Sugar Delta Bank account as stated in the directory.
9.5 All payments made to Pierrot MUST show the members call sign, date and the name / call sign of the sender.
9.6 QSL Managers MUST send their members' renewals via their National HQ. This is to have one list for all will
avoid confusion of renewals and will avoid the receival of different lists. If there is no National HQ in place, then payments should be sent as per Rule 9.5.
9.7 The National HQ shall then send all information of the Divisional members and the members that have a QSL Manager to the Directory Team and send the appropriate renewal fees to the World Treasurer.
9.8 All Renewal payments MUST reach the World Treasurer by the announced date.

10.0 - New Membership Payment and Enrolment Procedure
10.1 A New Member joins the Group.
10.2 The division HQ or QSL Manager MUST First send all information to the Supervisor of the division concerned "if any" and then to the Directory team, once all have been informed the members fees then must be sent to Pierrot 14SD007 this should be sent via PAYPAL to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. and MUST include the renewal members call sign and the call sign of the member or HQ.
10.3 Once the World Treasurer has received the fee for the membership he shall then inform the directory team as soon as possible.
10.4 The Directory team will then announce the new membership (normally the same day or next day)
10.5 The New Member is authorised then use his / her Sugar Delta call sign.
10.6 Following this Procedure will enable the FTP and Paper Directory to be updated immediately and correctly.

11.0 - Directory Deadlines
11.1 Divisional HQ & QSL Managers or Members who renew direct MUST respect the deadline set for entry into the Directory.
11.2 Any renewal not received by the World Treasurer by the deadline date shall be deemed as being late.
11.3 Any renewal information received by the Directory team after the 30th of September 2010 will NOT be entered into the Directory.

12.0 - Supervisors
12.1 Supervisors for Central and South America have been introduced by SD International HQ:
12.2 For Spanish Speaking Divisions, other than 30, 34, & 49... Tito 11 SD 001will be Supervisor keeping all SD Members Informed of SD affairs. Tito will organise renewals, deal with new membership requests and will organise elections where possible and appropriate (Subject to Rule 6.2).
12.3 It is the aim of SD International HQ to encourage the divisions concerned to become independent with a National HQ and to encourage QSL Direct.
12.4 Supervisors may be appointed by SD International HQ into other areas if deemed appropriate and / or necessary at any time.

13.0 - Divisional HQ Elections
13.1 Divisions with more than 6 members shall be eligible to form a National HQ and hold elections (Subject to Rules 6.2 & 6.4).
13.2 All nominees for official Divisional positions MUST have been a member for not less than 2 YEARS.
13.3 Following the election, the new Divisional HQ shall encourage QSL Direct, shall seek new membership and shall be ACTIVE on the International SD HQ Forums.
13.4 If an election cannot be carried out for any reason, Rule 6.3 shall apply.

14.0 - Sleeping Officials
14.1 The SD International HQ shall remove from his / her position, any official who does not carry out their duties in the best interests of the group or the members.
14.2 Should the SD International HQ deem it necessary to remove an official from their position, the member will revert to their original call sign.
14.3 The SD International HQ reserves the right to appoint another person in charge temporarily until new elections are carried out (Subject to Rules 6.2 & 6.4).

15.0 - QSL Managers
15.1 Any member may become a QSL manager providing the member has the time and the finances to do so.
15.2 The approval of the Divisional and SD HQ is required BEFORE becoming an SD Official QSL Manager.
15.3 It shall not be permissible for QSL Managers to manage operators in the EU Countries that already have members that QSL direct in the division concerned. Should an operator want to join the SD group, he should contact a member in the division concerned (if any) to ask if he / she can use their PO Box and pay towards the cost.
15.4 QSL Managers MUST inform the directory team and the World Treasurer and pay the fees for membership before any announcement is made of the new membership.
15.5 The procedure for new membership is subject to Rules 10.0 - 10.6
15.6 It is permissible for QSL Managers of a Zero, I.O.T.A & DX activations to request a contribution towards the cost of postage.
15.7 It is NOT permissible to request any contribution for an S.E.S.( unless authorized by the SD HQ ).
15.8 It is permissible for QSL Managers of SD Members to request voluntary contributions to help towards the cost of postage.
15.9 Should the postage become in excess of $1.00, an I.R.C (International Reply Coupon) should be requested.
15.10 QSL Managers are requested to avoid using double / triple qsl cards as this will reduce postage costs.
15.11 QSL Managers MUST send all their members' renewals through their own Divisional HQ (IF ANY)
15.12 If there is no National HQ in place, payments should be sent directly to the World Treasurer as per Rule 9.7 or 9.10

16.0 - Zero Numbers
16.1 A zero unit number may be issued to any member who has been a member for not less than five continuous years.
16.2 A zero number may be issued to any member who has been an official of the group for a period of not lessthen two years.
16.3 Any request for a (new) Zero Number MUST be made at the time of the renewal date. This is normally around September so it can be entered into the directory.
16.4 Once the directory has been printed the member can then use the Zero number.
16.5 If a Member who has a zero number leaves the group or fails to renew their membership for more than 1 year, Then the zero unit number will become available to other members in the division concerned, the National HQ of the division concerned will have the final decision whether or not to re-instate the zero unit number to a returning member if it is still available.

17.0 - 00 Unit Numbers
17.1 A Double Zero unit number is given to the National HQ Teams to show Operators / Members who is an
Official in the Division concerned, this does not include directors.
If the official leaves his/her position within the HQ then they will revert back to their original unit number, only original Founder Members can retain their 00 unit number.
Please see 4.2.
17.2 00 Unit numbers MUST be agreed by all the Division HQ before it is approved.
17.3 If any official with a Double Zero number fails to perform his / her duties, then the SD International HQ
reserves the right to apply Rule 14.0.

18.0 - Forum Rules
18.1 Any member of the SDDXNET, SD DIRECTORY, SD INT HQ, SC COMMITTEE & ALL National Forums MUST follow the forum rules.
18.2 Any member found to be bringing the group into disrepute by using bad language, making trouble or insulting any other member will be removed indefinitely.
18.3 Any information regarding DX should be sent only to SDDXNET.
18.4 Any other information that does not include DX Information should be sent to the correct forum.
18.5 All posts to ALL SD Forums MUST be in the English Language unless of course the forum concerned is one of a National Forum, like Spain, France etc.
18.6 All posts / messages MUST include the senders' call sign.

19.0 - Activations
All activations ie: ZERO, DX, IOTA, SES or ANY call sign other than your normal call sign MUST be known to the ACTIVATIONS MANAGERS (1SD007 Daniele, 1SD019 Alex, and 1SD101 Marco) please have the courtesy to inform only to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. of the above so we know it is genuine and then can be authorized.

20.0 - Directory
The directory and updates are (c)All rights reserved. Copy, reproduction, sale and/of upload on Internet (SD or non-SD websites) are totally prohibited except on and
Topics, which content affects the whole group, could only be published on several websites by local webmasters AFTER they got the OK from the HQI.

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