Russia Sugar Delta World Cup 2018

1 January — 15 July.

Qsl via 50SD001 Alex.

E-Award for minimum 5 Qso with WC-2018 stations.



50SD000-WC2018 Club station
50SD001-WC2018 Alex
50SD005-WC2018 Sergey
50SD104-WC2018 Elena
50SD121-WC2018 Oleg
50SD161-WC2018 Vlad
50SD333-WC2018 Andrey
50SD702-WC2018 Aleksey
50SD844-WC2018 Ramil
50SD1000-WC2018 Club station
302SD000-WC2018 Club station
302SD108-WC2018 Nikolay
302SD109-WC2018 Alex

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